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The Klaire Labs Ther-biotic contains a good number of strains. But you can’t really measure a good probiotic by the mg content, but rather by the count or billions of flora building beneficial bacteria it contains. With the Ther-biotic brand, it looks like one capsule contains about 25 billion, but this isn’t enough to cure a Candida infestation. I would raise the amount slowly until you reach 180 to 200 billion a day. Very slowly. You should take these on an empty stomach by the way, late at night or early in the morning works well.

After a month or so on this brand, I would change the brand in order to obtain different strains. Next time try to find one containing Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 (instead of just Lactobacillus acidophilus).

You asked about ‘brown rice’ … brown rice and rice bran are not the same thing. We all know what brown rice is, but rice bran consists of only the layer that’s between the inner rice grain and the hull. It only makes up about 8% of total weight, but includes the ‘germ’ which accounts for around 60% of the total nutrients found the rice kernel. Besides being alright for the diet, it also acts as a prebiotic because it feeds the beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

Most people who are allergic to cow’s milk can drink goat’s milk, if you can, you can make kefir or yogurt from the goat’s milk. Stores such as Walmart are starting to sell this, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find, as I stated, if you can tolerate it.

If your wife has Candida and she’s been eating the yogurt you mentioned all along, she should probably go off of it for about two weeks. Then start it back very, very slowly with only a few teaspoons the first time. Increase the amount slowly, watching for reactions.

About the almonds, even steamed I would only eat them every other day.