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Nikkiau;33144 wrote: My questions:

* How important is it to test before starting the diet?

That depends on the degree of sympptoms. A lot of us never saw a doctor during our infestation, and many more were never really tested. Usually it’s something you just know because of the symptoms, plus, if you go on the diet and protocol and suffer from die-off symptoms, then you can bet that you have a Candida overgrowth in your body.

* Considering he is not showing any severe symptoms, would you still recommend the strict diet?

Yes, just in case he is actually suffering from a milder form of yeast, the protocol will stop the yeast from turning into Candida albicans.

* If on the strict diet, I was wondering if I could harm my health by joining him in the diet if I do not have Candida. Short term it seems a good idea, but having read more on the strict diet, I am not sure long term is a good idea for me.

The diet is a ‘healthy’ diet that many people are already on because they want good health and are not aware that it has anything to do with curing a Candida infestation.

* I have not yet been able to get hold of molybdenum, but a health store will look into ordering it for me. I did get milk thistle in the meantime, and had him start on that yesterday. The plan was to start the cleanse this week end. Should we hold our horses till we get the molybdenum?

Please don’t allow your husband to start anything without taking the Molybdenum for three days; this is especially true of the cleanse. Be sure you’re obtaining “Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate” or you’ll probably have the wrong type.