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I just recently decided to add kefir into my diet. I wasnt sure about it but I decided to go for it. It is a commercial kefir from traders joes and I was concerned with the fact that it has 8g of sugar per serving. I know all kefir has sugar but I wasnt sure if this would be a problem since its not homemade.

I’m afraid I can’t recommend any type of ready-to-drink kefir products. There’s no way you can even be sure that it contains live bacteria as this totally depends on the time that was taken with fermentation. This also decides exactly how much sugar is left in the end product. Kefir starters are easy and quick to use and you have control over the fermentation process. All that’s required of you is to let the milk reach about 92-93 degrees, then add the kefir powder and stir thoroughly. Then you let the bacteria do the rest by letting it ferment for however long is required depending on the temperature of your home. What’s wrong with using these? In the long run, it would be cheaper than buying the premade drink since you can use the kefir you make as a starter next time.

I also want to increase my bowel movements. Some days coconut oil and anti fungals have me running to the bathroom and other days I feel full of gas and I struggle getting more than 1-2 small bowel movements. I have read the constipation post but I wanted to know if sea salt cleanse would be ok. I have done it before. I would like to do this because its inexpensive. I cant really afford to buy too many more supplements but I wont take it if it will hurt my treatment. Your thoughts on that would also be greatly appreciated.

How much coconut oil are you taking in a day?

I’m assuming you’re talking about a salt water drink and not using an enema? I don’t know of anyone who has used a sea salt cleanse while on the Candida treatment, but I can’t imagine it doing any great harm unless it’s of a personal nature based on the user’s profile.