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Hi, Jenny.

Exactly how long have you been on the diet now? The problems with adding all of the foods you’ve named are shown below, and of course the degree of possible harm depends on how long you’ve had Candida, how long you’ve been on the treatment, and your present Candida symptoms, which means to what degree of intensity the infestation has reached at this point.

Basically all fruit other than lemons, limes and possibly grapefruit will feed Candida.

Brown rice and quinoa are both grains which feed Candida.

Tofu and basically all modern soy products are fermented in a manner today that is not beneficial to a Candida treatment.

Beans are perfect for a low carb, sugar-free diet, but again, this depends on where you stand with the Candida infestation when you introduce these potential problem foods.

Almond milk is a test food just like dried beans once you’ve reached a favorable position with the treatment.

Soaking, drying, and then roasting nuts in an oven is a better way to protect yourself from mold.

Organic eggs and dried beans (later on) are the perfect protein choice for a Candida diet, but of course with a vegan diet, that leaves the valuable egg out of the picture. How unfortunate.

As I seem to be saying a lot lately, it’s your call.

Please be careful.