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have been increasing my coconut oil. My system is so sensitive, the coconut oil is the strong die off tool. Also oregano oil (alternating) and brussel sprouts.

Your problem appears to be very obvious, Pamay. If the degree of weakness is something that you didn’t experience before starting the diet and antifungals, then the problem is likely aldehyde die-off toxins. The remedy for this is simple; you simply cut back on the amounts of the substances and foods that are causing the die-off.

First, how much molybdenum are you taking every day?

How much coconut oil are you taking and by how much are you increasing it every day?

What are you alternating with the oregano oil?

How often are you eating Brussels sprouts?

The supplement came today but I wont take it.

If you’re speaking of the glandular thyroid supplement, if I had ordered it, I would at least test it with perhaps half of the recommend dose. If you decide to test it, pay attention to any changes at all and let us know what they are.