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pamay;47428 wrote: I eat a lot of garlic, particularly raw in my avo. and that is 5x a week, maybe 3 cloves and garlic cloves in my salad dressing, and i cook with it.I am eating zuchini, spinach, onions, garlic, green pepper, dark green lettuce, kale, green pepper, lots of cabbage

Slack off on the amount of cabbage you’re ingesting, cabbage contains thyroid inhibitors called goitrogens and it’s possible that you already have a thyroid problem with the extent of your infestation.

Stop eating so much garlic and stop taking the oregano oil completely. Doing this should allow you to slowly continue increasing the coconut oil which is going to be much more beneficial in the long run than garlic or oregano oil either one. However, I would hold off on increasing your coconut oil for at least a week to see if you can gain your strength back and generally feel better all around. Remember that your body is suffering from the results of the weakness, and nothing can work properly when you’re experiencing this. So your goal right now is to gain strength. Don’t worry about the Candida, as long as you stay solidly on the diet and take 1 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day, the infestation will not increase.

Continue taking just 20 billion CFU’s of your probiotic until you’re feeling much stronger.

Are you making your own kefir?