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Thank you 🙂 Now I seem to understand everything better 🙂 But the only worry I have is that whatever you say its good I have to have is posted to the UK from America, which is expensive and it takes at least 3 weeks.. now I am waiting for the aluminium free baking powder for the coconut bread, which I am really looking forward to 🙂 The problem is, that I dont find any of the things you mention on the UK sites, so what I wanted to ask is would it be still worth it to take it in 3 weeks or a months time ? I will try to exercise till then to at least remove some of the toxins from my body. And the last question I hope 🙂 is can I drink sparkling water ? because everywhere its written thats ok , but I just wanted to check with you, because you are the one who had this problem and overcame it 🙂