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One thing you could try doing is going to and clicking the “shopping” tab; then type in the exact thing you want to purchase. Hopefully only the sites selling it in the UK will show up. I hate promoting one site over another, but it works!

Don’t listen to my thoughts on molybdenum because I know nothing about it; I just brought up some good points/questions/concerns about it and didn’t intend to influence anyone into not taking it as part of their treatment.

The sauna idea is a good way to deal with die-off, but yes it does dehydrate you. I never intended on anyone using it all day; if you do decide to use it, only go for a period of time your body can tolerate it. This would be like 15-20 minutes for most people.

While I do have anxiety over my treatment; I will say that my naturopathic doctor has done a great job getting me better. I was considering leaving him over one vitamin and some other supplements he hasn’t recommended, but in general I am more or less healed from candida. Once I started to go to him, I felt better very quickly. He did prescribe me one vitamin that has yeast and other bad ingredients, but its for my galbladder not functioning well and these ingredients occur in small quantities. It is only meant to be taken with fatty meals which isn’t that common. I am going to get a second opinion on my treatment from another doctor, but I have a feeling that they will think his plan is good for me overall; he is healing me of my ailments beyond just the candida.

During the die-off period and in general, drink as much water as possible…somewhere around 90-120oz per day.