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Too much of any food item is not good for your general health. It also looks like you don’t need to go on the candida diet because you don’t have it. Almost everyone who has candida experiences die-off symptoms, so if you haven’t had any, than you should be happy! So, this means that you can eat whatever you want basically. Most of the forum members who have candida overgrowth have much greater symptoms such as allergies to nearly everything, headaches, heart palpitations, constant fatigue, constipation, IBS, etc. If your only symptom is acne, I wouldn’t go on the diet and punish yourself about it.

This diet is very good for strengthening your immune system, so if you want to be invulnerable to colds/flus, etc…this diet will help get your gut in check.

If you want to reduce acne, not eating foods high in sugar and trans-fat oils will greatly help your woes.

Most people have acne when they are a teenager, and as you get older, it typically goes away. Acupuncture is very effective for harmonizing the body and can help your acne woes potentially.