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Raster thanks for the answer, but i do think that i have just a bit of candida overgrowth, if not, then tell me why, i suddenly got skin rashes when started the diet? i suddenly at the begining was bloated, and i feel some muscle pain and i am constipated at this moment for 4 days! Tell me, I believe i do have some of it. And just trying to figure out the best way to kill it! So give me some suggestions on my diet, ive been eating only eggs coconut oil and vegetables as far as now and it has been 10 days, PLEASE TELL ME should i introduce by now some probiotics? And should i eat them with prebiotic foods? what are some prebiotic foods and should i eat prebiotic foods the same time as probiotics? also should i get more antifungals? i use coconut oil so i should not get anymore right??? please answer my questions! am lost here, Also if i dont introduce carbs at all in my diet including oatbran and other allowed foods, will i cure faster?