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alexparginos wrote: Hey, i have been doing the diet for a week and a half, been eating only eggs, salads, coconut oil and vit c and molybdenum supplements. i got a few questions.
1) Why am i feeling so perfect with no symptoms or dieofs even after having 8 teaspoons of coconut oil?
2) I eat about 10 whole eggs a day? is this bad? also should i increase coconut oil because i dont experience any dieoffs? is it safe to take 18 spoons? Should i start probiotics now? Also should i start some oatbran by now? also is flaxseed safe for the diet?Should i get more antifungals because i am not having any dieoffs with the coconut oil. Is it possiblee that i am cure by now if i dont experience nothing bad? Thanks.

Alex, like I told you in an email a few days ago; I don’t even know if you have a Candida infestation or not. You say that basically, your only symptom was acne, and like I wrote to you, although it can be among other symptoms, just having acne alone doesn’t mean that you also have Candida. So basically I don’t want to continue giving you instructions for a Candida treatment if you don’t even have it.

You say your acne has improved, and I told you that’s because you’re on a carb-free diet. If you want your face to remain clear, then I suggest you continue following the diet but add meats if you want them (as I’ve told you in emails). You could also eat the coconut flour bread.

You don’t need to be taking 18 spoons of coconut oil if you dont’ even have Candida. You should stop increasing all the supplements so that we can find out whether or not you actually have a Candida overgrowth. Just follow the diet and continue taking probiotics or kefir if you’re doing this, and nothing else, and let us know what if any symptoms occur.

You asked me in the email I just read if organic vegetables are necessary; no, they are not.