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There’s another product you may want to purchase since your die-off symptoms seem to be so bad right now. I used this myself along with Molybdenum since I went at the treatment and diet like a mad man. It’s called “Candidate” which is made and marketed by Native Remedies. It’s a little pricey, but worth it when it’s really needed, which is basically anytime that you actually feel the die-off reactions. It works on an immediate basis so it doesn’t have to build up in the system to work. So if you start to feel bad at work, you can take some drops in a little water and feel better pretty soon afterwards. You may be wondering why not just buy this one to start with instead of Molybdenum. Well, it’s actually mentioned in the post about Molybdenum, so anyone who reads that will have the option of purchasing it. But the bottom line is, if there’s only one choice between the two, you definitely want Molybdenum first because of it being a heavy-duty-toxin remover and such a huge protection for the liver. By the way, since it doesn’t have to build up in your system, you only need to take Candidate as you need it and leave it out of your routine when you’re not experiencing die-off symptoms, so you won’t need but one bottle. The link is below if you’re interested.

I stopped taking my probiotic because once the candida was fed by the mold, I knew my die off was going to be too strong if I stayed at the current levels of antifungals and probiotics. I didn’t know if I should reduce antifungals or go off probiotics for a few days.

Leave the coconut oil and any other antifungal alone until your die-off symptoms have lessened or until you have the Candidate if you decide to order it, and instead, restart the probiotics. The amount depends on what you’re taking. If you were taking more an one capsule a day, then take just one tomorrow and wait a few days to add another one unless your die-off is worse. You don’t want to overload your body and liver with toxins right now, this won’t help anything.

Concerning the probiotics vs. antifungals, remember: No matter how many antifungals you take, they won’t cure the infestation. Kefir bacteria and probiotics are where your cure will come from. The antifungals are only on the protocol to shorten the length of the treatment.

Concerning the rutabaga you ate, wow that was fast. If you ate very much of it you may experience heavier die-off as it’s an extremely powerful antifungal. Once your die-off has settled, it wouldn’t hurt to have this every day.