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I personally would try to work your way up to a dose of 25 drops of oregano oil and once you get no die-off from it, continue for a few more weeks and then switch to SF722. I would also consider trying out another antifungal such as black walnut extract, grapefruit seed extract, red clover, etc. The candida can adapt to many antifungals after 4-8 weeks but if you rotate to a new one, its hard for it to adapt to it very quickly. You need to get it to its last throes and once that happens you can start to repair the damage it caused.

Garlic is another great long-term antifungal and have used it throughout my treatment.

I would work your way up to 3 megafood probiotics per day if possible. I personally don’t think that the timing matters too much…I take my probiotics with meals which able doesn’t recommend.

I would test out hemp seeds and see if you have any reaction before having them regularly.