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Thank you Able! I will do that!

Able you know a lot about supplements and the functioning of the body. Can you help me to understand this here? As it looks to me have the histadelia sufferer a lack of B6 vitamins. (which I believe is a folic acid? Or is it not) A lack of the B-vitamin complex is found in a lot of people with depression, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies. What confuses me is the statement that one should off course supplement the lack of vitamin B6 in histadelia but at the same time they wrote that here:

* Vitamin Folic Acid: Histadelics should avoid supplemental
folic acid as it can produce excess histamine. In fact,
anti-folate drugs may be required. Folic acid increases
depression in histadelic patients and a trial of folic
acid could be used to distinguish between histapenics and
histadelics. In extreme cases, folic acid in food or in
multivitamins is enough to produce the adverse effects.

but then this here, does that make sense?
Typical treatment includes such nutrients as calcium,
magnesium, B6, C, zinc, manganese, and methionine (SAMe),
and limitation of intake of folic acid and histidine (common
in animal proteins). If the histadelic cooperates with
treatment and works to give up detrimental addictions, the
prognosis is good.

What is folic acid and where do we find it? It looks to me that this is a no no to histadelics? But how to get B-vitamins without the folic acids. If a histadelic gets problems from acids, will that make problems for me to take the Molebydenum? Is that not an Acid? If the SF722 not too an acid? Do you think it is possible I felt so terrible in the time spent on this diet because I got too much acid into me and my problems with the histamine exploded backwards?

Can you please teach me Able?

Jenny: what are your sympthoms?
What kind of antihistamine are you taking? I heard that there are different ones. One adresses the issues in the stomach, the other is for the nose, eyes and lungs, and the third type is for the brain and blood area.

How did you figure out you have it. My doctor here in Sweden says that one cant test it when I ask him for a re-fresh test. 30 years ago I was tested while living in Germany for allergies because I felt so bad. They said they didnt find anything but I had lots of Histamine in my blood. They said thats not bad and killing me, lots of thinking people have it and I should eat antihistamin. But that stuff made me tired and didnt help much.

Could you tell me about your test, sympthoms, and what you are doing against it?

thank you