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jennyska wrote: Hi Thomas 🙂
Certainly. I have already written you a message, but apart from that – I was very lucky to meet my allergologist – my symptoms include all of those histamine intolerant people have – skin rush, swollen eyes and face, pain in the eyes, diarrhea, problem swith concetration and depression and mostly tiredness. These symptoms are however, as she pointed out directly related to candida overgrowth. She suggested to me a diet from 2-6 weeks, to get my histamine levels back to normal and then continue with anti candida diet till I feel better. I am not taking any pills or whatsovever, because I am against these chemicals, but what she suggested was to take daosin whenever I feel like I am going to have something which might prompt my symptoms. On the other hand, I am taking carefully selected vitamins and probiotics. Oh and the tests – I was being constantly tested for a long time now – with pipe trough the stomach, allergy tests and constant monitoring of improvement or not -the tests that are done in my country are very specific – from your blood, it is then sent to special laboratory and you wait for results for almost two months. But this is not a normal procedure. My allergologist only did it, because she had a feeling that this might be the source of my problem.

Whow, you are really blessed to know what is wrong. That will make you battle much easier. As you sympthoms and my old information that I have a high account of histamine in my blood. I would like to follow your diet along. Are you taking any antihistamines or supplements? You wrote you dont like them but you too said taht you take vitamins and probiotics? Is it important to check them against reactions which might be ok for a candida sufferer but would not work for a person having too much histamine in the blood. I have the feeling I am reacting strongly to probiotics. Thank you for sharing your story and knowleadge.