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Able900 wrote: Hello, Thomas.

A lack of the B-vitamin complex is found in a lot of people with depression, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies.

What makes that interesting to me is that a lack of B vitamins is also found in nearly everyone with a Candida infestation.

You asked about folic acid;
The other name for B6 is pyridoxine or pyridoxine hydrochloride.

Folic acid is also known as vitamin B9.

Folic acid or B9 is a form of folate. Folate impacts the diffusion of histamine levels in the body, in other words it decreases the histamine’s negative influence on the body. However, people with high histamine levels usually obtain their major source of folate protection from folic acid, but they’re unable to convert the folic acid into the active form of folate. Therefore, their histamine levels are normally on the high side.

As you can see by this, taking a supplement of folic acid would just add more of the inactive form of folate to the problem.
However, I mentioned DOA last night, and this is a synthetic form of the enzyme that breaks down histamine. This supplement is called Histame® in the USA and Canada, but it’s sometimes called DIASIN® in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. This can help in lowering histamine levels until the folate status and function can be improved.

The product you mentioned called SAMe is also beneficial because of the essential amino acid called methionine. This amino acid acts as a histamine inhibitor. But when using SAMe, keep in mind that with this supplement, too much can be just as bad as not enough. This is why obtaining as much as possible of this from your food is beneficial. Foods that contain methionine include meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and vegetable juices, also fermented foods such as sauerkraut, and kefir is extremely rich in methionine. By the way, methionine also raises the body’s glutathione levels which results in a stronger immune system.

will that make problems for me to take the Molybdenum?

No, it shouldn’t, Thomas.


Thank you Able, where do you pick all these infos from? I google the net and dont find much usefull stuff. I think I understand you on the surface of things. Having a histamine problem I know that I should not have fermented foods at all cost. Sauerkraut is a big no no. Everything fermented or ripe either. Like wine, old hard cheese etc. But a big no are citrus fruits. No avocados, no olive oil etc. Is acid not acid? If I am not allowed citric acid or folic acid. How can it then be ok to have Molybdenum? If I remember was it not so that this too is a acid? I was reading on the bottle SF 722 that it is a undecenoic acid. Is acid = acid?

What surprised me was the fact that adrenalin is used to break down if DAO cant manage the job. Do you remember that dreadful night I experienced with all the tremors and stuff and you told me that it probably was adrenalin Able?

Raster, the sympthoms are equal to the candida. Therefore it is so confusing. It gets real confusing if you have both conditions. It is not easy to find a way out and one feels like being trapped. What kind of acid is coconut oil, and line oil? All these are very good for the average person but what about a person with too much histamine? The trouble is that kefir and yoghurt are too a no no for a histadelia sufferer.

thank you