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Able900 wrote: Pleurisy, being a viral infection, is more likely to appear during a period when the immune system is not working at its optimum level. Anyone who is suffering from a Candida infestation also has a mild to severe problem with their immune system. I would suspect that a problematic immune system has more to do with your pleurisy returning than the kefir — unless it was bad in which case I don’t know what it may be possible of causing.

How long have you had Candida? I see that you’ve been on the protocol for about two months, how much of an effect have you seen on the infestation?


Apologies Able.. I posted this from a new account I made a couple months ago… wanted a new username… we’ve spoken a few times before – my old username on here is ‘pdb’… probably should have mentioned that… you can see my first post and story here

So yeah, I’ve been doing really well (hence my quietness on the forum)… roughly been treating the infestation for about 5 months with yours and rasters diet and protocol, and feeling pretty amazing day to day, most days… so much better than at the beginning… my quality of living has improved dramatically, I mean I was in such a dark place… thinking back it’s kinda scary just how bad I was.

Definitely not cured of it yet but I’m used to the new lifestyle and 90% of my symptoms are gone. I can handle stress so much better now… and feel like Adrenal Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue is pretty much gone. I still have a little bit of eczema on my fingers that has gone and come back a few times throughout the treatment… and I do still have oral thrush though that won’t seem to go away… I’ve tried oil pulling with coconut oil and brushing my tongue every night with GSE… which has helped a lot.. but it’s a stubborn mother… I figure I can live with it as it’s a good sign that when it has finally gone I will be close to beating the infestation.

My immune system still isn’t the best… but definitely recovering as well and a lot better than 5 months ago.

Also, Kefir is amazing… the best and most helpful thing through out all this for sure… every time I have a pint of it everything in my body just seems to ‘normalize’ and I feel so calm, switched on, and back to my old self. I can’t praise it enough I’m considering starting a religion that worships Kefir………… 😉

I’ll add that having a 30 Minute Power Nap on work lunch break has seriously helped more than I imagined it would. I feel so refreshed and clear afterwards and makes it so much more easier to get through the day. I highly recommend anyone that’s reading this to try napping for 30 minutes a day between 1 – 2:30pm… prime time for the body… do some research on the benefits of napping. Shit’s legit.

But yeah, I feel like I’m on the last wave of recovery… Which is why I was a little concerned about the new symptom at the topic of this thread.