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raster wrote: When you kill candida, the toxins can detox through the body in a couple of ways. One is via the skin (sweating out the toxins), another is through bodily fluid movements (via the bowel), and a third way is via the lungs. The lungs are one of the “dumping grounds” of the body and often when people kill candida or detox, they develop a short term cough and mucous production within the lungs.

If the problem persists, I would consider contacting a doctor to determine whether you have any lung conditions such as bronchitis, lung cancer, etc.


You dropped the other ‘C’ word, and I’ve considered it, briefly… as I used to be a smoker, but I’m not so sure (I’m 26 and really wasn’t the biggest of smokers)… AND my lungs and breathing ability have felt better than ever since starting on the diet and protocol about 5 months ago… I’ve had die-off in all forms but never to do with my lung function, and have only had this new symptom in the last two weeks… mainly after that garlic dosage attack, but also around the time of the other 2 reasons I mentions… I dunno…

So basically I just want to discuss it with the forum before I rush off to the doctor to see if I have lung cancer or any other lung condition…

I drink a lot of water throughout the day… I take 3-4 1.5 litre bottles of water to work everyday…. and I started putting about 15 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in one of the bottles so I could drink it during the day… I noticed the same sort of feeling of tightness in my chest/esophagus when I started the GSE…

Another thing, the first Pleurisy episode I had which I mention above happened in April 2010 and I haven’t had it or any sort of lung issues since… When it happened in 2010, I woke up one morning and couldn’t breath the slightest amount without intense pain… I was rushed to emergency by my parents and they said it was Pleurisy and had no idea what caused it because it was so out of the blue… (I also used to drink giant cups of milk growing up… 1 litre at a time usually… I loved it… but like I said above.. I’ve found that dairy in an inflammatory food… which is why I also think it may have been the milky kefir that caused it this time… and the giant cups of milk that caused it the first time…..

So as you can see I am connecting a lot of dots… but I’m not sure which are correct.

Reading the wikipedia page on it ( they say it can be caused by “Infection from a fungus or parasite”… and I definitely have Candida… but I’m just confused as to why the symptom is just showing up after 5 months treating it and feeling better everyday… I mean I feel a billion times better than I did before starting on the forum protocol… what gives?