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CT wrote: Hi, I also avoid fructose and fructans.I can tell you from the foods allowed list which ones are low in both these things. Unfortunately I don’t know which have soluable or insoluable fibre.

It is easier just to point out which vegetables NOT to eat on the allowed foods list- onion, garlic, artichokes, asparagus, leeks, turnip, brussel sprouts, dandelion leaves.

TEST: egg plant and peppers
I AM UNSURE: Okra, Olives, Rutabaga and swiss chard

Herbs: I am unsure of these also- parsley is a definite no though.

Low fructans flour- Oat bran and buckwheat, millet, (quinoa- although not on allowed foods list!!)

High fructose or unequal- rubarb, granny smith apple, coconut (although lists I have seen vary on this so try and see if you get any reaction from it), tomatoes, almonds (thought they were acceptable and unfortunately found out they weren’t after consuming almond milk this week).

I get all this information from the food intolerance book by Dr Sue shepherd a food nutritionist who has done research in this area.

Hope this helps a bit.

This is very interesting. Is it possible to have en Candida infestation AND Fructose intolerance? I noticed that some of my sympthoms while on the diet here at the forum disappeared, like the rectal itching. But other new ones came like panic attacks, restless legs etc. The funny thing is, if I would have both and I eat the diet here I would eat mainly things which would play havoc with my fructose problem. It is very difficult to balance all the diets. I too might have a high amount of histamin a situation called histaminose. A diet low on histamine again would cut the food allowed to an even lower level. Has someone found a balance yet?