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I afraid I don’t understand, Candi; five months ago, in September, you wrote this;
“All this time, I was ashamed of having this condition. I suffered from Candidiasis last year.”

And a few weeks ago, after following the diet, you wrote this:
“I should add that I’ve experienced improvements in my condition – eczema is totally gone, amazing!, mild yeast infections gone, mild digestive issues largely gone.”

And on Feb. 20, I posted this in response to another of your inquiries.
“I’m afraid none of us can tell you for certain whether or not you have Candida, sorry. If you’ve really been dedicated to the diet, and you’re not taking Molybdenum and not experiencing any of the die-off symptoms, perhaps Candida isn’t your problem.”

Nothing has changed as far as the information you’ve given us. Are you experiencing any Candida symptoms, or have you experienced any die-off?

As far as tests go, personally I think the most dependable test is the ‘avoidance test.’ This is basically avoiding all foods and condiments that could cause Candida reactions, in other words, follow the “Allowed Foods Diet” on the forum.

After eliminating all the foods and factors that could cause the Candida to react, pay close attention to how you feel and any type of reaction. If you’re seeing some improvement after you’ve done this for a few weeks, then you probably have Candida and you’re probably on the right track as far as finding a cure.

There are, however several tests that doctors can offer if you want more proof than the diet results. But I don’t really know much about these because I’ve never researched them thoroughly since I have little to no faith in the consistency of their results, but I imagine that if you key in the words, “best Candida test” in a search engine, you’ll probably bring up more than a few sites that perhaps can help you with this.