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I’m afraid I can’t help you a lot with various foods and recipes to use during your treatment, reason being; during my treatment I deliberately ate a minimum number of different foods. My diet consisted of very few food items because I believe that the fewer different foods you eat, the less chance you have to a reaction to a food item. Maybe that’s why I never received many reactions – other than very early on when I tried to introduce new foods too soon.

My daily diet mainly consisted of steamed and raw green vegetables with organic eggs, both every day. Same goes for coconut bread, and yogurt/kefir, again, every day. Other than the kefir, I drank only water and lemon water, and occasionally a cup of black chicory coffee which is caffeine free.

I found that I made greater progress after I cut meat and eventually chicken and fish from my diet.

You can find dozens of recipes submitted by the members in the “Recipe” section of the forum. Also, check out the link that Thomas gave you, this is the list of foods that are acceptable providing you do not react to them. You many or not react negatively to fish or chicken, if you do, simply remove it from your diet.