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Sonic Boom
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Ahhhhh, I don’t get this at all! My doctor/nutritionist, who specializes in yeast problems, tells me that I have to make my intestines more alkaline, because Candida yeast turns fungal in an acidic environment, the exact opposite of what I’d believed up until now.

The only logic I found which seems to support this line of thinking is that the purpose of Candida in a healthy body is to keep the intestines alkaline enough, so in an infested body, perhaps the environment is very alkaline, making it appear that the Candida is thriving in alkalinity, but in reality, a reason the Candida were allowed to infest in the first place (in addition to imbalanced from diet, anti-biotics, etc.) is that the intestines were too acidic?

Sorry if I am not making any sense. I am just soooooo confused right now by all the different information, and this subject matter in particular seems to be controversial almost to the point that one can arbitrarily switch the words “acid” and “alkaline” in a sentence describing forms of Candida.