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WilliamHolst wrote: I know I was young and very stupid.

Don’t feel bad, William, who among us can say he wasn’t?

There’s always talk about marijuana’s connection with the human immune system when it’s discussed or debated. The truth is the effect of cannabinoids on the immune system has not been determined at this point. In other words, the evidence is far too contradictory based on the different studies conducted. This is all to say that I’d love to tell you that it’s perfectly fine as far as the immunity is concerned, but the truth is, I have nothing to base that on.

My question is since I will never go back to anything close to that life style once I cure this it should never come back, correct?

You knew you weren’t going to get a simple yes or no answer – from me – right?

I will say this however; as long as you continue to;
1) eat a sensible and healthy diet
2) avoid prolonged uses of antibiotics
3) avoid situations and substances that would cause your immune system and adrenals to become weak (exaggerated stress, smoking, etc.)
4) retain a satisfactory population of the flora in your system …
then yes, you should be able to avoid another Candida infestation. This goes for everyone on the form, including myself, William, so don’t feel alone in this.