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CT wrote: Do you recommend avoiding spices in general while in phase one? Or did you avoid them in phase one because they were not personally good for you? Just wanted to know because I have still been using cayenne pepper, cumin seeds and garam masala and I am wondering whether I should cut them out if they feed the candida.

As with anything you should tread gently and test your own reactions. It’s possible to develop a sensitivity to just about any food when your guts are in bad shape, but many spices, like fennel and cumin, can actually aid digestion, which will help your progress (as well as adding some flavour!). Keep in mind that reactions can be mild and delayed by up to 48-hours.

Allira was referring to an issue with nightshades (think potato, bell pepper, paprika, chilli, aubergine and tomato). They contain natural pesticides known as alkaloids, which are harmful to nerve cells and can cause inflammation in high enough doses. Only trace amounts are found in nightshades, but sensitive individuals claim to have strong reactions to them. You can find a lot of anecdotal evidence about people recovering from arthritis after giving them up. There’s no research to verify or deny this yet, as far as I’m aware.

For what it’s worth, my theory is that the nightshade issue is just like any other sensitivity/allergy, and in many cases is probably more closely linked to poor digestive health. How many arthritis sufferers making these claims do you think give up sugar, caffeine, alcohol and junk fats along with their tomatoes? I’m sure many of them could resume eating them if they healed any potential issues like leaky gut.