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MagnuM wrote: Hey Able, I have a question. If you consider yourself “cured” from your Candida overgrowth, doesn’t that mean that you can have a diet like your typical North Americaner and not experience symptoms? If not, it’s not so much a cure as it is a lifelong-prevention or a workaround.

Do you know why our bodies become susceptible to repeat infections after we get one? (e.g. Athlete’s Foot)?

I will comment on this thread.
There isn’t any reason to think you always will have a relapse. Food doesn’t cause the fungal overgrowth. You have to think there are millions eating a typical American diet without suffering candida. Also, the fact you have had an intestinal fungal overgrowth one time doesn’t mean it will be there permanently if you eradicate it. You, or anybody who take long antibiotic rounds, have a compromised immune system that has allowed candida tolerance can get this infection one time or more until the root cause don’t be correct.

A diet plus natural supplements is a very common web protocol that only deal with junior cases, if so. I know this fact since I began to battle it. This kind of protocols are poor when candida is severe and were designed with lucrative ideas generated by those who want to make money with sick people. It give symptom control and people believe they are cured when not.
What I have learned about this syndrome tell me this need a more aggressive treatment individually thought. There isn’t a formula that work for everyone.

You need to attack candida with all the weapons and need to unload the immune system. This is the most important part of the treatment because who have worked in this part have reached a complete cure.
Multiples therapies with fungicidal antifungals, a very smart diet, chelation when necessary, low doses of antigens to re-activate the immune system, and immune support are necessary. In many cases, fecal transplants may be necessary to recover indigenous human flora destroyed by antibiotic use.

There isn’t any reason to think you need to be following an anticandida diet for the rest of your life, neither to think you have to renounce to potatoes, rice, bread, or anything like that. There are people who had this syndrome (even very severe cases) eating what they like, drinking beers, ice cream, desserts, etc and enjoying a perfect health. CRC can be corrected and cured. There are testimonies of people who have done it, even the words of the same Dr. Orian Truss when said this syndrome can be corrected. What you need is to be OPEN to a more aggressive treatment considering enemas, chelation, fecal transplants, antifungal drug combinations, sometimes Rx are necessary, and immune support. If you address all this with discipline and perseverance, the cure will knock your door.