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WilliamHolst wrote: So you think that If you cure your Candida for a while and keep it under control for a long period of time, your intestines can eventually heal ridding the body the chance of reoccurence?

The problem with Candida sufferers and their cure is that they tend to expect too much from a Candida cure; in fact, the average Candida sufferer expects more from his Candida cure than he does a common cold cure.

So I’m going to answer your question with another question:

If you caught a cold because someone with a cold sneezed in your face, and your cold goes away, would you expect to be able to allow another person with a cold to sneeze in your face and not catch the cold just because you were cured from the first cold? Of course not.

And if not, how can anyone expect this from a Candida albicans cure?

If you stay away from people with colds, you have a good chance of avoiding a cold.
By the same token, if you stay away from the same habits which caused the first Candida infestation, you can expect to live without another infestation.

If you go back to the same habits that caused you to contract the Candida infestation, then you’ll have an excellent chance of causing another one. How could you not expect that?

Once we become adults and learn what to do in order to avoid a cold, we’re not as likely as we once were to catch one. Use this same common sense with Candida and you’ll greatly improve your chances of never contracting another infestation.

Just because you catch a cold twice in one season doesn’t mean you were never cured of the first cold.
The same logic can be applied to Candida infestations.