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Thomas wrote: I heard that the body is re-building itself. That after about 7 years a heavy smoker has a nice and clean lung again. Even our skeleton is totally changed after 13 years. The liver is renewing given good conditions in a much quicker time. (sorry I forgot)

Why should not the intestines are being healed totally providing that we dont harm them all the time?

You’re exactly right, Thomas, and that’s why I typed; “but the overgrowth (I believe) leaves the intestines damaged to a degree that makes them susceptible to the same type of infestation for an indefinite period of time.”
Notice I didn’t type that they’re susceptible “forever,” but rather for an “indefinite period of time.” That’s because, let’s face it, our intestines are what we make them. The food you eat usually decides the state of health in which the intestines exist. If we fill them with simple carbohydrates and sugar every day as many people actually do, we cannot expect them to be forever able to fight off another Candida infestation. Am I wrong? Should we expect this? After all, in most cases that diet is exactly what contributed to the infestation in the first place.

But speaking of what we eat after the Candida is cured and we want to be able to eat normally again; many people have a problem realizing that there’s a huge difference between the Candida diet and what’s considered a healthy diet. For those of you who have been convinced that you may forever have to remain on the Candida diet in order to avoid the infestation returning, I’ll give you an example of a healthy diet: Most of you know that I consider myself “healed” from the Candida infestation; yet, a few members seem to believe that this is not the case simply because my choice of diets is called “healthy. “

I came back from lunch with a few friends several hours ago. We have a magnificent Cajun restaurant in our area and this is where I met with my friends. I ordered the “Bayou Platter” which consisted of the following: a combination of fried white fish, oysters, and shrimp; being fried, these were all of course breaded. They were served with their famous black bean sauce. If you don’t know how this is made, recipes normally contain, among many other ingredients, soy sauce, a small amount of sugar, corn starch, and white wine or sherry. This was served along with fried plantains, pineapple salsa, and a huge garden salad, plus I had two glasses of iced tea. Of course I asked for a side of hushpuppies with this, and I was served more of everything than I needed so I ate more than I needed because I’m a guy and I do that.

I didn’t suffer from any reactions and I won’t; I know this because I eat meals out like this 4 to 5 times a week or more with nothing unusual taking place afterwards, ever.

I don’t know what everyone else’s opinion is, but I don’t call this remaining on a Candida diet following my cure. So, in spite of what some forum members believe, I am not continuing to eat a revised form of the Candida diet, but I do eat a healthy diet consisting of a minimum amount of sugar products as well as minimum amounts of wheat and starches. Does anyone believe that I’m really denying myself the foods that will allow me to enjoy social engagements, meals with friends, and the enjoyment of eating out any time I wish to do so?

I’m eating a healthy diet, something that probably millions of people (who don’t even know what the word “Candida” means) do consciously every single day, so I’m not sure how this makes me different from the friends that I had lunch with who are normal, healthy Americans. Seems to me that this would be the goal of an intelligent adult instead of eating anything and everything regardless of the health factor.

Thomas my friend, I didn’t intend to get so far away from your question but it seems something about this thread led me in that direction. Sorry.

Back to your question about whether or not the intestines should at one point be healed completely providing we avoid harming them again – my answer is yes, we should absolutely be able to do that. But regardless of what people want, not harming them is going to have to include a healthy diet.

Thanks for all your thought-provoking posts, Thomas.