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Hello Chris,

I’ve actually made a major decision that I hope won’t make people cringe, but I’ve already noticed a big improvement. I’ve been on the diet for 9 months and am pretty much symptom free, I feel bad when I cheat and thats about it.

I think I may have overstated my leaky gut woes a bit; I may be more allergic to pepper and hot spices but that is it pretty much it. So, it probably is about the same as it was 4 months ago…it just hasn’t healed like it was during stage 1. I am also not cheating very often so I don’t know for sure how much it is getting worse if at all. I had chinese food about 1.5 months ago and had a reaction; but thats pretty normal considering I ate white rice, salty food, and soy related products (this is an improvement over 7 months ago when I last ate chinese). I don’t eat those foods normally of course, so there is no way to measure whether my leaky gut is worse or not. Same with the other items I mentioned. It likely has improved, its just hard to determine.

So, I’ve decided to go back to stage 1 except it is my modified version of it. I decided to do stage 1 but with more fruits (mcoombs plan). Fruits heal leaky gut and have vitamins that I am probably deficient in. So I am eating blueberries with my yogurt, eating green apples more often (3-4x per week) and strawberries as a snack food item (5-6 per day, sometimes skip them on certain days). I have felt a lot better in general since I’ve started this and feel stronger. I also added inulin (miracle fiber) to my yogurt which heals leaky gut as well. I don’t want to recommend this to anyone else but I feel that once you’ve done 9 months of the diet, you can start to do things like this without much of a drawback.

I am no longer allergic to fruits so I know this is better than when compared to 5 months ago. I can handle sugar!