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Hello, hope it’s okay if I chime in..
I justs started my candida cleanse.
In reference to coconut oil, you can also spread it on bread (which I find good tasting, but the texture’s a bit weird). But mainly, I just bake with it. It’s really awesome to bake with. Also, yeterday I made that fudge recipe I found on here (2 tsp. coconut oil, 2 tsp. nut butter, 1 tsp. carob powder, then freeze or refrigerate). It’s very good. That’s another way to get some coconut oil in.

Also, wanted to make mention.. Regarding probiotics, I just recently had to stop taking some (Solaray Multidophilus) because it had maltodextrin in it. I have a sensitivity to gluten, which I think is something a lot of people with yeast overgrowth have, as well. I am noticing more and more that health food companies, even some of the reputable ones, (like Solaray), are not informed about celiac and gluten intolerance, because they put maltodextrin or dextrin in their products. (or their products that are “gluten free” are made on facilities that also process wheat).

So, just want to throw that out, that it’s possible with those with yeast issues also may also have gluten intolerance (which is grossly underdiagnosed in this country – only about 5% are dx’ed), also… I just noticed today that the Flaxseed Meal I’ve been giving to my gluten intolerant son was made on facilities that also process wheat. Another example, we had been giving him Rice Dream, only to find out months later it is made with barley (a glutinous grain). This was absolutely nowhere stated on the label or box. I found out randomly online..
This info. may come in handy for some on this website. .. just in case it helps..