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Hi, Katy.

I wish you had asked me about the Kyolic Candida Cleanse. This contains protease, lipase, and glucanese all of which are enzymes. Glucanase breaks down glucans which are a chemical compound of glucose (the simplest form of sugar). I have no idea why it’s in the cleanse, but you don’t need it as part of your treatment. Besides that, the Grape Bitters will produce enzymes which your body needs in the proper amounts. Reading the ingredients of anything you purchase is something that all Candida sufferers should probably do. If you don’t know what something is, then you could ask or research it before you make your purchase. This is mainly for your protection, but also to prevent you from spending money needlessly. Another thing is, if you stay strictly on the diet, this is a cleanse in itself.

The coconut oil as well as the kefir have the ability to cause die-off symptoms, so I would start slowly with each. Perhaps just two teaspoons a day of the oil just as a test; if you tolerate this without bad die-off symptoms, you could slowly increase the amount. I also suggest that you not start both of these on the same day, but wait until you’re sure that you’re not experiencing die-off symptoms from the first one you start before you start the other.

Chilies are a debate matter between lots of theorists. It’s believed that they kill the bacteria in the stomach that lead to ulcers, so it seems to me that if it can kill one type of bacteria, it can also kill other types such as beneficial bacteria. If you want to, you could treat it as a test item. I don’t see how eating them once or twice a week would present a problem.