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stronger wrote: This is awesome. Thanks. I love that forum I´m following the strict diet of the forum. Sometimes I don´t know what can I eat to put more calories in my body so I will eat more and more coconut oil to provide me more energy and calories. Thanks so much.

Watch out for the die-off. Increase coconut oil slowly per protocol.

Did you just start the diet? How long are you on it? Check out the protocol. If you are on the diet for few weeks, you can try to introduce one of the test food items which most of them will offer more calories. Not sure what of that you have available in Italy.

Also, in the beginning of my treatment, I thought I was not eating enough because I was feeling so weak, but now I eat less and feel fine (I am over three months of treatment), more energy than before. You will have to suffer for a while until your body gets used to it and you clear enough toxins out of your body.