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Hi Able… great post! Good to know this as I read a couple of months ago that Buckwheat contains a bit of starch… I eat it almost everyday for dinner with organic eggs and vegetables from your ‘Allowed Foods List’, and have been wondering in the back of my mind if eating this everyday has been slowing my recovery at all… and as you say almost everything we eat contains starch… so I think this ‘White Kidney Bean Extract’ is next on my must purchase list…

A couple questions…

You mentioned iHerb have ‘White Kidney Bean Extract’…. I buy my supplements from iHerb as they charge so little for postage compared to Amazon…

– Can you send me a link to the one you think would be best to take while fighting Candida?

I did a search and it turned up quite a few results to choose from…

– Also, how many times a day do you think one should take it… before every meal?