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Hey NewMe, I forgot to tell you that when I work outside in the summer, sometimes I will get a bit of athlete’s foot. The thing that has helps me the most, and I think would be good for you as long as you don’t have open sores on your feet is to try tea tree oil. I have had in between my toes get really itchy and red before and I swear, I use this oil and it goes away in two days max.! My Dad and brother both have athelete’s foot and they never get rid of it as fast as I do. 🙂 But of course, they won’t use the tea tree oil because it is “natural” You can even put a bit of the oil in a warm bucket of water and soak your feet in it. In face, if you do still have sores, this might be the best way to go for pallitive care until the diet starts to work. I put it straight onto the itchy places and pull my socks on over it. Anyway, something to think about if you haven’t tried it already.