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Hello, DMT, welcome to the forum.

DMT wrote: I started the diet a few days ago and feel like death.

Do you know what Molybdenum is and are you taking it? Actually you should have started it before going on the diet. It may not be able to prevent all of the physical symptoms of the detox type diet, but it certainly could make you feel a lot better as well as protect your liver from the Candida’s dangerous toxins.

First is, sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ), I was drinking a glass of water a day with half a tea spoon of BC in it before I started the diet and now I have stopped because of the information on the site. But keep seeing conflicting reports on this subject. Any additional information or advice on this would be much appreciated.

Trying to change the pH balance of the body when we don’t know what we’re doing can be potentially dangerous. For one, it puts extreme stress on the body when there’s such a drastic ‘unnatural’ change in alkaline and acidic balance. The body has to work at trying to rebalance the body. You don’t need to put your body through a round of extra work during a Candida infestation; it certainly has enough to do already.
Different parts of your body have different pH readings, plus the human body has built-in regulators which, under normal conditions and with the right tools can regulate the natural pH balance in the body.
As far as a pH balance is concerned, the only part of the body that you have to worry about is the intestine which is where the Candida cells exist. This balance is taken care of with natural probiotics which will come later in your treatment, but for the time being, you can put the pH balance out of your mind.

The other thing that I’m in two minds about is prescribed anti fungal medication like Amphotericin B , am I right in thinking that these are antibiotics and if they are is it best to stay clear of them or are they ok to take ? I was thinking of sticking to strict natural way of curing candida plus adding medication to really give the Candida no chance of surviving.

You don’t take an antibiotic for Candida since it’s a fungal infestation and not a bacterial infection, so antibiotics are naturally detrimental to a Candida treatment. Amphotericin B is an antifungal, not an antibiotic so there would be no problem with taking it. On the other hand, the treatment using natural antifungals works as well as they are just as competent at killing the Candida as the prescription antifungals.

Let us know if you have other questions.