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DMT wrote: Hi, must say what a great site you have here. Jam packed full of information which has helped me a lot over the last few days.

Anyway, to cut my story short I have been suffering with symptoms of Candida for years. Back and to to the docs, prescriptions for antibiotics again and again. You know the usual story. Well through my own research on the net I found out about Candida. I started the diet a few days ago and feel like death, skins gone to rat shit but to be honest I fully knew what was going to happen because not long ago I tried a diet were I cut out a load of things because I was trying to find out what I was a allergic to and I had really bad kill off period then, so was well aware of what to expect.

I have used this site as my source of information when it comes to the do’s and dont’s. Just a couple of things that have sort of got me stumped as what to do or not… First is, sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ), I was drinking a glass of water a day with half a tea spoon of BC in it before I started the diet and now I have stopped because of the information on the site. But keep seeing conflicting reports on this subject. Any additional information or advice on this would be much appreciated.

The other thing that I’m in two minds about is prescribed anti fungal medication like Amphotericin B , am I right in thinking that these are antibiotics and if they are is it best to stay clear of them or are they ok to take ? I was thinking of sticking to strict natural way of curing candida plus adding medication to really give the Candida no chance of surviving.

Thanx for making this site and all the work that’s gone into it, it’s been a blessing let me tell ya.

Oral Amp B isn’t a bactericidal drug but a fungicidal drug. It is a polyene class antifungal that isn’t absorbed by the intestinal lining and don’t work systemic. It is an excellent antifungal and since it won’t reach your blood, it won’t affect your liver in any way.
Sodium Bicarbonate is also an antifungal but isn’t advised since it is an alkaline product that will neutralize your stomach acid. The intestinal Ph is important to keep candida spores in its unicell form. It has been demonstrate by science candida is able to morph to its pathogenic form favorably in an alkaline Ph. So, altering the Ph to a more alkaline may be something non-favorable in your case.