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Jackie2 wrote: I would love to hear the answer too. I have been on the diet for about five weeks as well. I have found balance to be an issue especially at the beginning. Yesterday was one of the best days for me. Finally feel like I have my sea leggs under me. Good to know I was not on my own. I would get up from couch or checking papers and wobble. Husband has been worried about me 🙂 Glad you posted this. Let’s see if some of the great folks can tell us what is up.

Jackie; since you’ve been on the diet for five weeks and have been very strict with it, then your imbalance was probably being caused by die-off. If it’s slacking off now, then hopefully it means that the Candida population has been significantly reduced. But at five weeks, you’re still at a very vulnerable position as far as your treatment is concerned; meaning that there are still enough Candida albicans to reproduce a large infestation providing the environment changes again in their favor. Remaining on the treatment as you have been is the smartest thing to do at this point.

Congratulations on reaching this point.