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This is the only information I recall posting about Centrum vitamins.
“The main problem I have with the Centrum is the amount of Biotin it contains. Biotin is a significant B vitamin especially for a person with a Candida infestation as it can actually help to destroy the Candida. All of the other B vitamins in the vitamin contain 100% of the daily requirement, but Biotin only contains 10%. I have no idea why companies want to do this, but it’s a good way to get the ration of B vitamins in the human body out of balance if taken for a long period of time. Taking this for a short term would probably be alright, and you may want to purchase a Biotin supplement alone to add to the multiple.”

I also posted this information about multiple vitamins in general;
“Raster, I honestly don’t know of a single multiple vitamin that I would recommend to anyone. I’ve yet to find one which contains the correct ratios of specific vitamins, but which usually contain unsafe so-called supplements such as certain enzymes which the human body doesn’t even produce. Taking such an unbalanced ratio of vitamins is not at all safe for the health of the human body when used on a regular basis.”

Quote: Do you know if decreased balance is a symptom of candida?

Reply: Yes, but it’s more often a symptom of die-off.

As far as the chicory coffee is concerned, Orleans Coffee Exange carries it.