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How long have you been on the strict diet, no cheating? I think with the reflux and bloating, that seems to be the amount of time you should be concerned with, because that’s when you report the most healing happening (based off reading your posts).

Also, I can tell you that mine has been intermittent, but much better than it was, since I have been doing the powdered L-glutamine every morning, first thing. It’s not perfect, but there is less undigested buckwheat coming out (sorry for the visual there), I barely ever have bloating, I’ve had less reflux, and I still have some nausea, but I think that might be stress-related. Also, I was able to eat salad three days in a row without problems!!!!

(This is a freaking miracle…I have had trouble digesting raw veggies forever, especially cucumbers, for some reason, and all those salads were full of cukes!)