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Javizy wrote:

Have I missed something, is it ok to drink kefir that has sugar in it? I’ve only had commercial kefir once to taste it, so never really knew its process. Tbh, i would prob be fine with milk. I had it everyday for many years without problems, it was only when I was a child it was a problem.

The kefir microbes feed on the sugar, so if it’s properly prepared there should be a similar amount to dairy kefir left when it’s ready. Certainly less than Greek yoghurt, so it’s a good option for anyone with a dairy sensitivity. If you think milk will be okay, just pick up some organic Greek yoghurt and see if you get a reaction. It can be tough to judge if you’re getting a reaction from the lactose/casein or the probiotics though. If you think it’s okay, check eBay for some dairy kefir grains.

Thanks, i’ll look into it.

Had another awful night with my stomach. Felt really dehydrated, waves of stomach cramps, dizziness & the feeling of being drugged (like dreaming, but aware your not asleep).

I’ve cut meat out again, but anything I eat, even just fibre creates lots of discomfort & symptoms.

Would taking probiotics & anti fungals while food fasting be a good/bad idea?