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Javizy wrote:

I’m willing to give anything a try to be honest, just trying to get my head round it. I’ve not tried Kefir, I’ve always had a bit of a problem with cows milk (when I gave it up as a kid, my eczema died down, whenever I took casien it got worse), does it work with goats milk?

You can get kefir grains that feed on normal sugar, so they can grow in water instead of milk. You can add ginger to make a tasty root beer and experiment with other flavours too. I got some from eBay UK for £3.45 including shipping. All you need is a large glass jar, some mineral water and some sugars. The strains differ to those in dairy grains, so the benefits are slightly different too. Ideally, you’d drink both every day.

You could try getting a goat’s milk yoghurt and testing for a reaction. Ordering grains and getting to the point of being able to drink the finished kefir can mean spending a bit of money and a good few days fermenting and straining until they’re ready, so you don’t want to go through all that only to feel worse. Goat’s milk is pretty expensive and hard to find organic too, at least where I am.

Have I missed something, is it ok to drink kefir that has sugar in it? I’ve only had commercial kefir once to taste it, so never really knew its process. Tbh, i would prob be fine with milk. I had it everyday for many years without problems, it was only when I was a child it was a problem.