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benc wrote: Have I missed something, is it ok to drink kefir that has sugar in it? I’ve only had commercial kefir once to taste it, so never really knew its process. Tbh, i would prob be fine with milk. I had it everyday for many years without problems, it was only when I was a child it was a problem.

The kefir microbes feed on the sugar, so if it’s properly prepared there should be a similar amount to dairy kefir left when it’s ready. Certainly less than Greek yoghurt, so it’s a good option for anyone with a dairy sensitivity. If you think milk will be okay, just pick up some organic Greek yoghurt and see if you get a reaction. It can be tough to judge if you’re getting a reaction from the lactose/casein or the probiotics though. If you think it’s okay, check eBay for some dairy kefir grains.