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Most baba ganoush contains tahini, which you probably shouldn’t eat at 4 months. You could make your own without it and see if you like it that way — just roasted eggplant, EVOO, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and maybe paprika or cumin or something. I put smoked paprika in the batch I made in Pennsylvania, which was a mind-blowingly good idea.

For a while, I was only ingesting VCO through cooking and/or adding on top of hot cereal, but recently I’ve conceded to keeping it in the fridge during hot weather to avoid how gross it is when it’s half-melted, and I’ve been eating more as a result. I would guess that between cooking and eating it straight, I’m probably consuming 3-6 tablespoons most days.

I should find a Middle Eastern market to buy my baba ganoush from instead of goddamn Whole Foods, but Long Beach isn’t really the right part of LA County for that. Maybe I’ll venture out farther.