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Congrats on the improvements – you are on the way! Definitely just keep sticking with the plan and the results will keep coming 🙂

On the note about socializing without booze – I have been sober for going on 7 years, and honestly, the hardest part about going through that whole process was not stopping drinking, but re-learning how to interact. I went through 12-step recovery for a couple of addictions (alcohol goes hand in hand with another of mine), so I basically had to switch, as they say in AA, my “people, places, and playthings” and start hanging out with folks that didn’t just party all the time. It took me about a year to really learn how to talk to people and feel okay at bars without a drink in my hand (to this day, I still have to carry around a glass of water or I feel really itchy), but I found that the more time I spent sober around drunk folks, the more I really didn’t miss it that much, and the more I valued time spent with friends doing things outside of bars and parties. Obviously, I’m an alcoholic/addict so I probably drink a little differently than y’all, but regardless, it was a nice change of pace once I got through the growing pains of it.