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TheXtremisT;56773 wrote:

I have read many success testimonies about the enemas and candida related complex. This is one I read recently in another forum. Notice this girl had chronic vaginal candidiasis (recurrent episodes ) So, after treating the colon, she cured her vaginal infection. This is an example of how the intestinal yeast influence the immune system.

I suffered from chronic monthly yeast infections for years, caused by overuse of antibiotics, and I have finally cured them! I have been symptom free for about 4 months now. I had tried everything over the years, special diets, a range of supplements and anti-fungal herbs, but never with much success. I was commited to finding a natural cure and avoided chemical drugs at all costs because of my experience with the antibiotics. The cure for me was actually quite simple. Every other day I took a garlic and yogurt enema (infuse a couple cloves of garlic in very hot water, and once it’s cooled to room temperature strain and stir in 1 heaping teaspoon of plain yogurt). Invariably the day after the enema I would notice this white stringy material come out into the toilet. I am pretty certain this was one of the phases of multi-cellular candida being killed off by the garlic. I would also notice a reduction in my symptoms the following day, but if I let the enemas go for more than 3 days then the symptoms would return. I continued the every other day schedule for about a month and a half.


This does sound very encouraging, glad there are ways to cure this for some people, but I’m wondering about some things:

1. Why are there very, very few accounts saying ‘enemas have cured my candidiasis’, surely more people would be willing to try these and show how powerful they are?

2. From what I’ve heard, it’s difficult to get the enemas to be deep-reaching, to eradicate the sources in the small intestine etc… How would that be accomplished?

3. In order to be really ‘cured’, you would need to eradicate the problem (Candida, parasites, SIBO…), and then make sure the immune system is recovered. So it would means continuing the protocol to heal yourself surely.

I suppose I would be willing to give this type of enema a try, but would need advice from an ND to make sure I don’t cause further damage to my body.


1. It’s likely the majority of sufferers in this community will not try enemas, and I can understand this to a certain degree given the process. I have read many cure stories by using enemas, many in cure zone and in the literature.

2. Enemas do not reach or address the small intestine. The colon is the preferred location for yeast in most cases so it shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Candida is tricky and depresses our immune system. Often removing or reducing the infection will restore immune competence given there isn’t other variables like mercury toxicity or other immune depressants.

I have done over 100+ enemas (Pro-biotic, Nystatin, etc.) and they have only brought benefit and relief for me. It’s somewhat understandable why some people are skeptical or hesitant in trying enemas but I’m glad I did. They are very safe if done correctly.

I am only being true to my experience when I say enemas are beneficial and have been a keystone therapy for my treatment.