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Like you I have been very ill (for about 9 months now). I first decided to go with a less-strict diet like yourself eating pasta, grains, fruits, sugar, bread, etc for about 8 months.

I am not quite over candida, so I probably don’t have the best advice, but you just gotta tough it out and follow the strict diet. No bread, mushrooms, forbidden fruits, don’t cheat at all. 3-9 weeks, or later depending on your body, you should be completely over it.

I have been doing acupuncture every 2-3 weeks for about 6 months now and have been on the candida diet for the last 3 weeks. Nothing but chicken and rice pretty much to eat and it sucks. My diet: Yogurt/blueberries and rice cereal for breakfast, salad and sunflower seeds for lunch, and meat and rice for dinner. Rice cakes for snacks, one green apple per day. I am still having salad dressing which isn’t helpful and I’m a smoker.

I have also taken 3 supplements that are not mentioned here on this website: they include SMI powder, candicid forte, and lactobicilis sporogenes. You cannot buy these in stores and only online. Talk to a (naturopathic) doctor first before taking these, but they greatly helped me get over it with the diet.

3 weeks into this regimen I am almost completely over it. I am going to do the diet 1-2 more weeks and may eliminate coffee, salad dressing, and maybe the green apple during this time. It has greatly helped and I hope I can get over it like you. I just want life to return to normal (gradually).