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Why tomatoes, why peppers? Why orange, red, yellow?

No medications.

The beans and oats and soy I didn’t start until after 3 months, that’s 16 weeks. I’ve looked at this program and apparently this one doesn’t even go that long, so how could my outbreak by from that? The first 3 months I was strict vegetables, meat. So in essence, I actually did this diet 100% strictly. It wasn’t until Phase 2 that I started eating these other things like beans and soy and stuff. Another place I thought I trusted which has tons of valuable info says that soy is bad for you, but not because it is bad for candida. Can someone explain WHY it is bad?

It looks like this Phase 1 is 3 weeks, then Phase 2 is 4 weeks and then Phase 3 is maintenance and adding back in foods. I did three times the amount of this diet’s Phase 1. I should be just fine. I probably had an allergic reaction to the wheat, but the problem is that I DON’T KNOW.

I’m a very tired of getting so much different advice. It is hurting me more than helping.

The problem is that I don’t believe anyone anymore because EVERY diet says THEY are THE ONLY ONES that know the right way.

So what everyone is saying here on this forum is that I WILL BE CURED if I eat ONLY fresh vegetables and ORGANIC meat for 3 weeks. Just 3?