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JustJoe wrote: WHAT GIVES? I can’t believe (I don’t want to believe) that I’ve been doing this ALL WRONG for 6 WASTED MONTHS.

Hello, Joe, and welcome to the forum.

Hate being blunt, but to put it in your own words, you’re doing it wrong.

So many people think that being on the Candida diet means ‘a little’ of this and a little of that, but actually that’s exactly why some Candida sufferers write messages on forums stating that they’ve been suffering with Candida for 5, 6, 7 or even 10 to 20 years and can’t figure out why.

When I had Candida at its worse, I was receiving a reaction from practically every single bite of food I put into my body no matter what it was. Even so, once I decided to stick to the diet 100% while working to destroy at least part of the Candida, I healed the infestation to the point of zero reactions and zero symptoms in three to four months. I was able to do this because once I realized just what it would take to be rid of it and didn’t change my course until the end. In fact, months later I’m basically still on the diet simply because I believe it’s the healthiest diet any of us could be on.

If you’re serious about curing your Candida, then you will need to stop eating everything that is affecting the Candida infestation. That means to get rid of the black beans, garbanzo, and chickpeas for at least one month while you follow the diet. It also means to get rid of all canned foods. If you feel you have to have tomatoes, eat them fresh from a market or grow your own if it’s possible. You can make your own tomato sauce yourself with a cheap food chopper and save money in the long run, but eat them either very sparingly or not at all for at least one month. About canned foods; most canned foods, vegetable or otherwise, contain the cheapest form of salt available. The cheapest form of salt is regular table salt which contains Dextrose. If you have a box of regular Mortons table salt, look at the ingredients. Dextrose is a type of sugar which, as you know, Candida thrive on.

This also goes for eating out during the critical period of the diet, because I doubt that many restaurants use anything but the cheapest salt they can buy instead of pure sea salt. Once you start eating beans again, you can purchase dried beans instead of canned (if this is what you’re doing).

You wrote, “Like I said, I thought I’ve adhered strictly to the diet, plus I have used many anti-fungals.”

To be honest you haven’t been following your treatment or diet “strictly” as you stated because you’ve been eating all of the foods I named above. Second, all of the antifungals you were using were going to waste. What you were doing was like being in a battle and shooting your enemy and then sending your own medics to treat and bandage them so that they could fight again. It’s the very same thing because what you were doing was killing some of the Candida and then feeding the others so that they could increase their numbers. Do you see the picture?
I know of no one who has cured a Candida infestation without probiotics, so it’s good that you’ve been taking these. What is the count and number of strains in yours?

You wrote that the banana you ate was a forbidden fruit. Yes, and for a good reason. An average size banana contains 30 grams of carbs and about 28 grams of sugar. So you literally gave the Candida you’re housing a king’s feast.

Since you’re not eating organic meats, and I assume you’re eating and I assume you’re eating non-organic meat at least once every day, you have the same scenario as feeding and killing the Candida. You’re using probiotics to build up the beneficial flora in your body, but you’re taking an antibiotic every day that has the potential of killing it, thus increasing the chance that the Candida have to survive. I didn’t eat meat or chicken at all for a while on the diet because I wanted to be rid of the Candida as quickly as possible, and I believed this would be beneficial to my goal; instead I ate lots of organic eggs which I knew would make a suitable substitute for meat protein. By the way, organic eggs are a lot cheaper than organic meat.