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The almond butter should be as fresh as possible, otherwise it is stuff that has been sitting in a sealed container for weeks, if not months. This could be problematic.

Threelac and fivelac are basically some of the worst probiotics on the market. They contain about 500 million cfu probiotic per capsule when you ideally need 30-90 billion CFU probiotic per day to get better. This would be about one whole bottle per day. I would check out the probiotics I showed you in the link earlier, this should make a major difference. Probiotics are the single most important thing you need to get better.

I would check out these two posts for some basic vitamins and minerals to get on the diet:–Brand-Recommendations.aspx#post20610

I recommend vitamins abcdek, minerals such as selenium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iodine, etc.

We also developed this general plan to get better if you are interested:

There is a whole market out there created to treat candida and related health problems. There are good and bad brands; my favorite include integrative thereaputics, thorne, standard process, and pure encapsulations. I would check out their product lines and look at the types of things they all produce and create.

Here are some of raster’s supplement basics:
-Good probiotic
-Good liver support (milk thistle)
-Vitamins and minerals (mentioned above)
-Anti-inflammatory supplement: fermented cod liver oil
-Essential fatty acids
-Hydro-chloric acid (zypan or betaine HCL)
-Digestive enzymes or swedish bitters
-L-glutamine to heal the gut
-One more antifungal such as garlic, black walnut extract, etc. (do your research)

Hope this gets you in the right direction.

I would also check out the recipe’s part of the forum and start to make your own food at home.