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Vegan Catlady
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Your my son’s age,reading this killed me.

If you want, copy what you wrote here and mail it in to Dr Morse.
He reads it over youtube (all you have to do is give yourself an anonymous name…although I didnt care and I straight-up used my own ) and offers advice. He is very familiar with candida, but is really heavy into herbs and raw foods being important. He is a spiritual guy, so if your not about that you just have to take the good and ignore the rest.
I actually adore that part of him,though. I resonate with it.

If you like what he has to say, its usually not expensive. And for what its worth, he doesnt insist anyone buys his herbal stuff, he tells you straight-out to see whats in his formulas, you might already have something similar at home already.

Honestly, I think many here (including myself) are actually just doing too much.
We start taking a boatload of supplements,enzymes,antifungals,vitamins, and all this stuff overloads the body,too.

Whether its good stuff pouring in,or bad stuff pouring in, the bottom line is that sometimes the body just needs a rest from *anything* pouring in, you know?

You need your calories/carbs. They are wicked-important for neurotransmitters and keeping your brain chemistry from swinging.
Are you still using coconut oil?
First time I used it my throat tightened and my head felt dizzy ( a good dizzy, which worried me) but after daily use, I cant even tell I took it, and I can say it is really helpful.
Also, flax. Foods baked with flaxmeal are awesome and have the good fat your brain needs in them.
I really think this might help with the depression.

I think your post bugged me because the first day I found out I had candida, I was experiencing massive die-off and was so suicidal, I mean it was the darkest day ever. It did leave…and its going to leave for you too.

Getting you eliminating 2-3 times a day is going to be KEY here.
Please let me know if I can help. Im still on the journey myself, but im seeing progress.