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Vegan Catlady
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I spent a good part of my day reading/listening about adrenal fatigue.

That,my friend, describes you to a T.

You said in your last post ” And the only thing different was the air. Still ate the same and life was still boring. My memory still didn’t improve though while being up there, and after I came back south the feelings faded out again.”

One of the biggest players in adrenal fatigue recovery is stress reduction.Maybe that particular experience was just less stressful over-all, which allowed for a little recovery.

Having a negative reaction to the air could also just be your immune system being tired, and adrenal fatigue would play into that as well. Adrenals are responsible for your hormones as well.

Adrenals are the boss of you, which is why I am taking them seriously for the first time in my life.